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PatriotFlex Casual T-Shirt

PatriotFlex Casual T-Shirt

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Crafted with precision, this T-Shirt is perfect for both gym sessions and casual outings. The short-sleeved design ensures optimal breathability during summer, while the fit provides a trendy and relaxed look.


  1. 3D Print Design: Featuring a vibrant and detailed 3D print of the USA flag, adding a patriotic touch to your attire.

  2. Oversized Fit: Designed with an oversized silhouette for a trendy and relaxed look, providing comfort and freedom of movement during workouts.

  3. Short-Sleeved Design: Ideal for summer wear, the short-sleeved construction ensures breathability and keeps you cool during intense workout sessions.

  4. Summer Sportswear: Tailored specifically for summer activities, this tee is perfect for both gym sessions and casual outings, offering versatile wearability.

  5. High-Quality Material: Crafted from premium fabric, ensuring durability and comfort, making it suitable for daily wear and active lifestyles.

*Please follow size chart for correct sizing (we recommend one to two sizes larger than your normal size)

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