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TACVASEN Full Zip Up Tactical Fleece Jacket Thermal Warm

TACVASEN Full Zip Up Tactical Fleece Jacket Thermal Warm

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Designed with precision, the full zip-up feature allows for quick and easy wear, making it a practical choice for various outdoor activities. The tactical elements, including multiple pockets and a durable construction, cater to individuals seeking both style and performance in their jackets.


  1. Full Zip-Up Design: Allows for easy wear and removal, offering versatility in temperature control.

  2. Tactical Construction: Features multiple pockets and reinforced areas, enhancing functionality and durability for outdoor and tactical use.

  3. Fleece Material: Utilizes high-quality fleece for exceptional warmth, providing insulation against cold temperatures.

  4. Thermal Properties: Engineered to trap and retain body heat, ensuring optimal warmth during colder weather conditions.

  5. Full Coverage: Offers a full-zip design and high collar for comprehensive coverage, protecting against wind and maintaining warmth.

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